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A Vibrant Lifelong Learning Community


A Vibrant Lifelong Learning Community

SOAR In The News!

Welcome to SOAR, the Society of Active Retirees. SOAR is a community-based initiative of  Wayne State University (WSU).

SOAR – The FILM Is Now Available Online

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SOAR featured in the Detroit Jewish News

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SOAR's executive director, members of its board, and members of its faculty were featured in an August 2017 article in the Detroit Jewish News. Instructor Mel Chudnof says:

SOAR members are an enthusiastic and verbal group of 60- to 90-year-olds who have had a fascinating variety of professional and life experiences. I get a lot of participation and discussion from them.

SOAR featured on Graceful Aging

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Graceful Aging host Gregory Bator says:

There are things to learn no matter what is your age. Learning is interesting, fun, and worthwhile. The benefits of learning have no limits for us on a personal and social level say our guests Professor Peter Lichtenburg of Wayne State University and Peggy Tabor of the Society of Active Retirees. Retiring is anything but what these folks are about. In this episode you will learn how your local university may be the treasure trove of jewels that can add sparkle to your life.

SOAR featured in Transitions Newsletter

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SOAR member Esther Bornstein was recently featured in an article in "Transitions", the newsletter of Wayne State University's Institute of Gerontology. She says:

Come to SOAR. You’ll love the classes and instructors. You’ll make new friends. And you never have to take a test!”

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