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A Vibrant Lifelong Learning Community


A Vibrant Lifelong Learning Community

Film Festivals

SOAR's Special Events Committee sponsors two Film Festivals each year, often organized by topic. Festivals typically run for several days, with morning screenings followed by lunch and faculty-moderated afternoon discussions.


SOAR's Fall Film Festival 2017 explored three films from critically-acclaimed director Stanley Kubrick. Viewers enjoyed the controversial black comedy Lolita, the powerful war film Full Metal Jacket, and the iconic science fiction classic 2001: A Space Odyssey. Discussions of each film were led by arts expert and Kubrick devotee Susan Wood.


Toes were tapping at SOAR's annual Dance on Film series held on July 17th, 18th and 19th! SOAR members and their guests enjoyed a screening of the "Broadway's Lost Treasures Collection" which features legendary stars of stage and screen performing unforgettable Broadway numbers at the annual Tony awards. Ethel Merman in Gypsy. Julie Andrews in My Fair Lady. Andrea McArdle in Annie. Robert Goulet in Camelot. Viewers enjoyed dozens of the best Broadway memories.